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It is a full body exfoliation treatment. It starts with the body scrub to remove dead skin cells and smooth and soften the skin. Then it followed by a traditional warm shower. The whole treatment ends with a refreshing lotion and massage for the back, neck and scalp. You can choose the different types of our special scrubs.

Javanese Lulur

Traditional Balinese body scrub of turmeric, sandalwood and yoghurt, Lulur beautifies and softens your skin and leaves your skin smoother and fresher looking.

Vichy Shower

Capsule Vichy Shower and Steam

Bali Kopi Scrub

Coconut and coffee is great for tanned skin exfoliation.

Crystal Sea Salt

The main ingredient of this scrub is crystal salt, to rewrite and soften the dull skin and reduce water retention.

Sweet Mango

Suited of all type of skin exfoliation This uses the combination of mango flavour essential oil and brown sugar.

Lime & Ginger & Sea Salt

Our lime and ginger body scrub will help new skin to glow. Sea salt will bring the skin back to health and soft.

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